My vision for Nanaimo is a city where all residents live together enjoying all that Nanaimo has to offer with its marvelous location, business and employment opportunities, educational facilities, recreational activities and cultural amenities. I will do everything in my power as a City of Nanaimo councillor to make this city a place where citizens thrive and say they are proud to live here.

  • Affordable housing by utilizing all funding which Provincial and Federal governments offer. (details)
  • Investment and Job Creation by attracting businesses to Nanaimo and facilitating existing ones. (details)
  • Getting civic projects done in a timely, efficient manner always keeping in mind that it's taxpayers' dollars doing the funding.
  • Good government ┬áby Council overseeing the operations of the city in a responsible manner
  • Manage smarter by Council always analysing if taxpayers are getting value for money spent
  • Integrity and Upfront Transparency so people know what their council is doing for them.
  • Better transportation such as improvements to transit and roads.
  • Health care upgrades so Nanaimo residents receive treatment locally, especially for Mental Health and Addictions.

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